Bangladesh Institute of Medical Science (BIMS)
 (An Excellent Medical Academic Institute)
Certificate in Assisted
Reproductive Technology

Certificate in Assisted Reproductive Technology (CART)
Section -06 Assisted reproductive Technology

1. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)
2. Oocyte Retrieval and embryo Transfer for in-vitro Fertilization(IVF)
3. Prognostic Markers in vitor Fertilization – Embryo transfer
4. Semen Intra fallopian tube transfer
5. Gamete Intra fallopian tube Transfer
6. Oocyte Donation
7. Alternatives to ART
8. Surrogacy and Adoption
9. Oocyte and Embryo Donation program
10. Improving success rats in ART

Section -7- Laboratory Management

1. Setting up an ART Unit
2. Oocyte Maturation
3. Assessment of Embryo Quality as prediction of IVF Outcome
4. Intra cytoplasm in an ART Program
5. Pre implantation Genetic Diagnosis
6. Histopathology and it’s Role in Infertility
Section -08- Related Issues

1. Pregnancy after infertility treatment
2. Miscarriage & ectopic pregnancy after ART
3. Cryo preservation in ART
4. Surgical treatment for female factors infertility
5. Endometrium associated factors infertility
6. Management of male factors fertility
7. Surgical treatment for Male factors infertility
8. Ultrasound of male infertility
9. Evaluating and managing psychological factors


Section-09—Evaluation of causes of Infertility

1. Endocirinological Evaluation of female infertility
2. TVS in infertility
3. HSG & SIS
4. Ultrasound color Doppler 3D & 4D Ultrasound
5. Cervical factors infertility
6. Evaluation of ovarian factors
8. PCT
10. MESA

Section -10- Ethical and Legal Issues

1. The regulation of Assisted Reproductive technology. The Bangladesh Experience
2. Need for national Guidelines for medically Assisted reproductive techniques in Bangladesh
3. Social impact to women with infertility
4. Religion and infertility treatment

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