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Infertility Treatment & Research Center (ITRC)
Infertility & Sterility

What is Infertility?

If a couple fail to conceive after one year of unprotected sex can be design
as infertile couple.
A couple with baby:

A Couple with IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) baby was born at ITRC about 10 years ago. Her parents belongs from urban area of near Dhaka. They tried for baby naturally for the long time. On Investigation father was found severely oligospermic. With washed sperm IUI was done & they were blessed with daughter. & another subsequently.

1st IUI Baby with Parents
Socio Medical Aspect of childless couples:

Infertility & Sterility is a Socio Medical problem. About three million couples in our country is infertile & its number is increasing very first due to repaid changing in socio economic norm . More than hundred million couples are estimated to be infertile world wide. In our society wives are mostly blamed though husbands are 60% responsible.


Family unrest
Multiple marriege
Even suicide.


Shattered Dreem of Mother Hood
Where to go:

One must choose his/her doctors, physicians (embryologist) first. Only experienced embryologist should be your physicians. Infertile couples must be treated with most modern scientific methods. Indigenous methods like Pani Pora, Doa Tabiz, Jhar Fuk, Pir Morshed etc. have no role in the treatment of Infertility & Sterility. That's why Infertility Treatment & Research Center (ITRC) – a renown centre at South East Asia.

Infertility Treatment & Research Center (ITRC)
N-23, Nurjahan Road, Mohammedpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
Phone:880-2- 8115932, Cell: 01714301925, 01917163307
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Points to be noted :

More is the duration of infertility – less is the chance of pregnancy.
It is a very time consuming treatment & is related with menstruation.
Best time of first visit is the 7th day of menstruation.
Husband & wife should visit ITRC together.
Counseling plays an important role for treatment.

Counseling of the couple is very important part of treatment. Doctors & patients relationship should be as close as possible. Our Embryologist, Physicians, & Nurses gives proper counseling either individually to wife or to husband or both. We give due importance about counceling. ITRC also record the history of couple in a individual file.


ITRC is based at Mohammedpur to it's own building. It is the first institutional based center at Bangladesh. It is a high profile centre which bears the credit for treatment. It's doctors, nurses & others staffs bears proper care according to the need of couples. You or your relatives, friends can visit the center with prior appointment.

Causes of Infertility:

Causes of infertility can be summarized as follows: (Both for Husband & Wife)


Change of environment
Indiscriminate use of contraceptive
Working at dye factory
Change of Socio economic norm
Working at hot conduction
M,R. D & C, Delivery in unhygenic condition.


A normal sperm out of million

As an embryologist or as patient one must know where is the real causes– Hence investigations. Causes may be with-

01. Male Partner or Husband
02. Female Partner or Wife
03. Both
Proper scientific investigations can identify the causes of 80% - 85% infertile couples which can help for


Increases Pregnancy rate

Carry home a baby of own

Heavenly smile at the lips of parents

IUI Baby with Doctor & Nurse
Methods of Treatments:

ITRC treat the couples in the following most modern methods for achieving pregnancy.
Tubal hydration
Ovarian Stimulation
Implantation of Fertilized Frozen Embryo
Pre Genetic Diagnosis
Frozen Ovum/ Sperm

Tubal hydration

Ovarian Stimulation

Our Experience:

ITRC demands cradit for:

High success rate with well equipped infertility center.
Highly experienced staffs & Well Disciplined High Protocol

A very good number of couples went home with a child of own.

Visit Us:
(A group of ART Child with parents)
ITRC is situated in well location with good communication form any parts of Bangladesh our Staffs are always ready to welcome you. With our expert hand & modern technology we hope to fulfill your dream a child of won & lastly smile at the lips of parents.

N-23, Nurjahan Road, Mohammedpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh
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