Bangladesh Institute of Medical Science (BIMS)
 (An Excellent Medical Academic Institute)
Doctors & Distance

Specialist Doctors at Distance (Affordable quality healthcare in Bangladesh)

A dramatic change in Medical facility in Bangladesh have seen the last 5 years of high-tech, all class hospitals all over the country. Specialists in Bangladesh trained in the best centers of the world, makes it an ideal affordable healthcare for South East Asia & Middle East regions.

All other major facilities/advantage is the good options available. We have grade III and other hospitals with well-equipped nursing homes/clinic.

We the Doctors would like to play the role of a consultant kind of surgeon physician and facility, for the appropriate & for all ailing persons.

Our contractual/tie-ups with hospitals in Bangladesh, would allow us to identify the most effective surgeon/physicians, for a specific problem in Bangladesh.

Due to our close association with most of the doctors we can get discounts which are directly passed on to the patient.

Our commitment would only be to offer the best possible to most of the patient.

Doctors at Distance- The right solutions in healthcare.

Services Offered:

1. Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART)
2. Cosmetic surgery
3. Joint Replacement Surgery
4. Arthroscopy
5. Gynaecological Laproscopic and Endoscopic Surgery 6. Gastrointestinal Surgery
7. Hand and Reconstructive Surgery
8. Opthalmic Surgery
9. Vasectomy Reversal Procedure
10. Telemedicine
11. Health Check Ups
12. Limb Lengthening Surgery
13. Obesity Surgery
14. Neurosurgery
15. Cardiology/Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
16. Radio Frequency Ablation
17. Sonology & Scanning
18. Coronary CT Imaging
19. Oncology & Oncosurgery
20. Paediatric Surgery
21. Transplant Surgery
22. Sports Medicine
23. Painless Labour
24. Urology
25. Dental Treatment
26. Bone Densitometry Camps
27. Snoring & Sleep Apnoea Management
28. Headache Management

Our Specialist / Doctors:

Dr. M.A.Bashed
Dr. Nazneen Rahman
Dr. Ataur Rahman
Dr. Jesmin Ara Begum
Dr. Naymeema Ahmed Dr. Shahjahan Chowdhury
Dr. Dilruba Sultana Dr. Rubina Qasim
Dr. Mustafizur Rhamam
Dr. Dilara Rahman
Dr. Farook Ahmed
Dr. Abdur Razzak
Dr. Masudur Rahman
Dr. Ashraf Mallaik
Dr. Thamina Begum
Dr. Hosne Ara
Dr. Abudus Shahid
Dr. Zahida Begum
Dr. Kazi Abdul Majid
Dr. Eiakub-ul-azad
Dr. Nazneen Rahman
Dr. Sirajul Islam
Dr. N M Kiron
Dr. Neamat ullah
Dr. Mirza Mazharul Islam
Dr. Shahida Hossain
Dr. Nrinmoy Biswas
Dr. Ferdousi Begum
Dr. Dilruba Begum
Dr. Eklashur Rahman
Dr. Mala Bonik Dr. Mubashira Binta Alam