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Ultrasound Cources

Ultrasound Cources

Sonology is a new modality in medical science. It is now considered as bed side investigations. Sonologist have great demand in south East Asian countries. Proper application of sonology in Medical Science will improved the health status. The advantages of ultrasound over other investigation are


a) Non invasive
b) Non hazardous
c) Instant supply of report
d) Cost benefit
e) Patient can see her/his own     organs/child
f) Accuracy
Why Ultrasound:
A country with about 160 million population have only 200 to 300 qualified sonologist. As a modern investigation its demand is very high. Government alone can not bear the whole burden of creating expert sonologist. Hence we i.e. Bangladesh Institute of Medical Science (BIMS) are playing a primary role in private sector.

Courses Offer:

Bangladesh Institute of Medical Science (BIMS) offers the following online courses of international standard. Our experience teacher are the pivot for the sonological education.
Diploma in Medical Ultrasound (DMU) ( Online) 12 months
Certificate in Medical Ultrasound (CMU) ( Online) 3/06 months
Certificate in Assisted Reproductive Technology (CART) 6 months
Certificate in Color Dopper (CCD)
3 months
Certificate in Echocardiography (CED)
3 months
Advance overseas Ultrasound program
10 days
Short Medical Ultrasound Training Course
10 days
Trans Vaginal Sonogram (TVS)
3 months
Saline Infusion Sonogram (SIS)
3 months
C.M.E in Medical Ultrasound
3 months
N.B: Our seat number is only twenty (20) in each course. Hence early enrolment & admission is advisable.

Requirement : MBBS with 1year training.